One Darke Night

An innovative show celebrating the life and work of Cornwall’s most renowned playwright, the late Nick Darke, using extracts from his plays and specially-commissioned film.

The Midnight Drives

o-region’s first full-length feature film, directed by Mark Jenkin, followed the story of a doomed family holiday set amongst the wild landscapes of West Penwith.

Laughing Gas

This hurtling, hallucinogenic show charted the rise of one of Cornwall’s most famous native sons, Humphry Davy, from his lowly beginnings as a chemist’s assistant to one of the most brilliant minds of the 19th century.

The Rabbit

The Rabbit is the second feature film by Mark Jenkin, made entirely on location in Cornwall using a local cast and crew.

Kernow’s Kick-Ass Kung-Fu Kweenz

Episode Seven of a 70s Cornish comedy kung-fu series that never happened, Kernow’s Kick-Ass Kung Fu Kweens pulls no karate kicks or punches¬†in exploding Cornish culture into the 21st century…