Laughing Gas


A play by Nick Darke with Carl Grose

Humphry Davy – pre-eminent scientist, pilchard addict and Penzance boy – requests the pleasure of your attendance at his legendary lecture at London’s Royal Institute, where he will demonstrate the effects of his latest and greatest discovery – nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas…

Humphry has a formula to solve – one that will change science forever! But Revolution spreads through the city! The Royalist mob lynch those who bad-mouth their King! His elocution lesson looms! The trout in his pocket has to be cooked! And the audience is arriving soon… The clock is ticking, and time is running out…

This breakneck new comedy charts the rise of one of Cornwall’s most famous native sons, from his lowly beginnings as a chemist’s assistant to one of the most brilliant minds of the 19th century. A hurtling, hallucinogenic, hilarious show.


“A thoroughly entertaining riot of a show” – Movie Magic Magazine

“Galvanic, gloriously anarchic and great fun” – The West Briton