Superstition Mountain


A new play by Carl Grose

This acclaimed original show followed the adventures of three Cornish brothers from a scrapyard in St Day who head to California in search of a legendary treasure horde – with predictably disastrous consequences.

Starring three real-life brothers (Simon, Brett and Dan Harvey), the show toured nationally in 2010 and 2011 and received sell-out audiences and rave reviews.


The Gunwallow brothers are in trouble. Slim’s scrapyard has gone belly-up. Dwayne owes money to some bad people. Mark’s in love with dodgy Tina from down the pub. And their dad’s just popped his clogs and left them on the brink of bankruptcy.

But there’s one last glimmer of hope… a legendary gold mine lost somewhere in the depths of the Arizona desert. Only trouble is, no one who’s ever found Superstition Mountain has lived to tell the tale…

Blending the spirit of a Hollywood blockbuster with epic music, innovative film and powerful performances from three real Cornish brothers, Superstition Mountain is a dark comedy adventure exploring the intimate bonds and savage divides of brotherly love.

Three brothers… One last chance… No hope in hell…


“charismatic storytelling that stirs the imagination… As family myths dissolve under scrutiny, the results are both funny and tender…” – Elisabeth Mahoney, **** The Guardian

“Earthy, muscular, irreverent, fiercely Cornish and very, very funny…” – Simon Parker, The Western Morning News

“Superstition Mountain is a must-see, and will appeal to those who may think the theatre’s not for them…” – Lee Trewhela, The West Briton

“A ‘must see’ show if ever there was one. If you haven’t already seen o-region’s super Superstition Mountain, then I urge you to do so…” – Frank Ruhrmund, The Cornishman