The Dead Monkey

dead monkey poster nick darke

o-region’s scratch version of The Dead Monkey, a caustic and comic examination of a marriage in breakdown by Cornish playwright Nick Darke.

Hank and Dolores’ marriage is on the rocks. Hank’s work as a bible salesman takes him away from home for weeks on end, whilst Dolores is left behind to care for a volatile pet monkey. But now the monkey’s dead and the tragedy will force the couple to uncover long hidden truths, and shocking revelations that will change their lives forever.

Originally written in 1977, this hilarious and hard-hitting play was one of Nick’s most successful and frequently-staged plays, performed everywhere from London to Los Angeles. o-region produced a scratch version of the show in 2013, directed by Simon Harvey and featuring Ben Dyson (o-region / Miracle Theatre) and Catherine Lake and Jason Squibb (both from Miracle Theatre).

The show toured a select number of venues in Cornwall and is currently in its next stage of development.