Weekend Retreat

Weekend Retreat was our second low-budget feature film, written and directed by Brett Harvey and produced by Simon Harvey, the same creative team behind our third film, Brown Willy.

Weekend Retreat premiered at the 2011 Cornwall Film Festival, where it won The Golden Chough Award, and went on to screen at the London Comedy Film Festival, the London UK Film Focus, Cannes in A Van and the Berlin International Film Festival.

The film also won Best Director at the 2012 London Independent Film Festival and the Best Film at the 2013 Bootleg Film Film Festival in Edinburgh.


Karen Campbell has brought her husband Duncan away for a ‘quiet weekend’, a chance to communicate and rebuild their fractured marriage. Duncan plays along but seems distant. During their first night they’re taken hostage by Kevin and Gary, estranged brothers desperate for money who thought the house was empty. Gaffer taped back to back the Campbell’s marriage is pushed to the limit while the brothers can’t stop bickering long enough to get the job done. As the weekend draws on the stakes are raised as secrets are revealed and body parts lost.

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‘A truly glorious mix of drama and comedy reminiscent of a playful Shane Meadows in tone’ – Little White Lies

‘A darkly coming twist on the domestic hostage situation’
– Empire Online

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