o-region works across theatre and film telling stories that raise smiles, punch guts, broaden horizons and affirm lives. Rooted in our native Cornwall, we produce work for local, national and international audiences, and provide talent development and showcasing opportunities for all ages and backgrounds.

Film /


o-region specialises in innovative low and micro-budget film production – using our contacts with Falmouth University and the Cornish creative sector (in particular the theatre industry) to produce high quality, feature-length, narrative dramas which surpass their budget levels.

We work both in co-production and as sole producers dependent on the genesis of each project. We are drawn to narratives which explore the intersection between comedy and drama, aiming to produce human stories which connect, surprise and entertain.

To date our focus has been strongly on feature length production, but our future slate also incorporates short-form dramas.

Theatre /


We are dedicated to producing original touring theatre. Our work is visually striking, authentic and gritty whilst being underpinned with a rich vein of humour. We fuse the fantastical with the comedic eccentricity of the everyman.

We are passionate about shining a light on our native Cornwall, and we are drawn to stories that take inspiration from both its landscape and its people.

We have worked extensively in small scale touring, producing shows which have toured across the UK to studio theatres, rural venues and schools.

In recent years we have progressed to mid-scale touring through co-productions with Kneehigh and Palores Productions.

Scene /


Scene is a programme which sits alongside the development process for our theatre and film projects.  

scene (noun)

  • the place where an incident in real life or fiction occurs
  • a place or setting regarded as having a particular character or making a particular impression
  • a landscape
  • a sequence of continuous action in a play, film or book

Scene involves teams of o-region artists working in community settings to collect stories, insights and experiences from the people who live and work there. 

These community interactions will act as an impetus for interpretation by the artists to form original material (written, recorded, filmed etc) which will be presented back to the community in celebratory performance events, and in print and online through our website.

Scene offers o-region the opportunity to engage more deeply with the people and places for whom our performance work is made. It will inform and enrich our own practice, demystify our creative process and offer communities a unique, bespoke, surprising engagement with arts practice.