Film Challenges

Alongside producing our own films, o-region is also dedicated to encouraging the creativity and innovation of others. Since the early 2000s we have hosted a series of annual film making challenges that are open to all. We choose a theme and encourage aspiring filmmakers of all ages and abilities to create their own response in the form of a short film.

We then curate a shortlist of films which are showcased to an online platform and/or a live public screening (traditionally at Truro’s WTW Plaza Cinema). The films are shown to a selected panel of industry experts and audiences are also invited to vote for their favourite. Cash prizes are awarded to the winning filmmakers and the films are promoted and screened through our dedicated YouTube Channel.

Since 2015 The Roughcut Film Challenge has been sponsored by Falmouth University and supported by FILM FREEWAY and WTW Cinemas.

From humble beginnings where our film challenges primarily attracted entries from the local Cornish film community, we have steadily grown in reach and scale. In 2020 we received an incredible 618 entries from 75 different countries.

Our film challenges are free to enter and open to anyone with an interest in making films.